Warning signs running thru my head
       Tried my best to wake you from the dead
       Couldn’t stand to turn the other cheek
       But you wore me down now all I feel is weak

         One on one you’d rather make believe
       And hide the truth so deep down I can’t see
       Told me not to worry but you lied
       Didn’t see the danger till it was already inside

        Whoa, wanna put it back together
        Cause I’m trembling under the weight
        Whoa, and I wish I’d known better
        Cause my faith has started to sway


         Left me a reminder of your reign
        Voice so harsh from laughing at my pain
        Always careful never to reveal
        Cut the line made sure the door was sealed




                              Forget Tonight

             Yea ya really got me goin’
          Try to hide it but I know it’s showin’
          How ya doin’ can I get your name?        

           I would never point you in the wrong direction
          or try to fight natural selection
          fire’s easy once you have the flame

          Yea I’ll exceed all your expectations
         Gonna make you lose your reservations
         By the end you won’t wanna leave

          I gotta vision that I can’t ignore
         Your pretty dress on my bedroom floor
         You know I’m tryin’ but I can’t look away

        Cause the fire burning in your eyes is burning me alive
        And I can’t make all this fantasizing stop since you arrived
        Just finish up your drink so I can take you for a ride
        I’m gonna make sure you don’t forget tonight

         Yea you can go ahead and stop pretending
        And I don’t mean to sound condescending
        But we know where this is gonna lead

         Yea gonna have to make some adjustments
        It’s gonna be alright just trust that
        I’ll give you everything you’ll ever need



                                        EVEN STEVEN

       Ten years gone and I won't ever get them back
      In here thinking about what I've missed I'm about to crack
      Someone's smiling on the outside, and if I ever get out they best hide
      In here counting down the days staring into black

       To settle up my life's devoted to fulfill
      and if karma won't deliver then my .38 caliber will
      See I'm wasting away and all I think about every day
      Is looking in your eyes right before I say

       Now you know there’s a price to pay
       Was it worth what you took away?


      Sideways strokin' with your women and your jokin' and you're thinking you can always run
      You best be believing when you're ballin' out drinkin' that one day somebody's gonna come
      And I promise you if its all I do I'm gonna be the one to bury you                                                                                                                                                                                   
      Washed my hands and watched the red go down the drain
     Taking comfort in the thought of you losing all that you became
     A lesson learned, or maybe just the way the world turns
     But either way its over now and I suspect your ass is gonna burn




 You know I've been here before, don't play me like a fool                                                                                                                                                   I know that everything is wrong with my attempts to rule your heart


'Cause you don't notice when I come and go                                                                                                                                                                      You're just oblivious and beautiful                                                                                                                                                                                    And I can hardly wait to see the one I love to hate


  Slow motion 'til I see your face, and you don't have a clue                                                                                                                                    Imagining I can erase the fact I love you but you don't know my name


And I see you through, my window of protection

And I need you, but you don't feel my affection  

Yea I see you, but I'm guessing I'm too late

You're one I love



                        WRONG WAY  

 Tears I cried and brushed aside
My memories of you
Readjust and turn to dust
And let the darkness through

It isn’t how you pictured it
Beautiful though isn’t it?

 You bled the source without remorse
And watched it melt away
Shed your skin and settled in
The shadow that remained

This isn’t how you pictured it but
Damned if you’re gonna let em get away


 No relief, the deck was stacked
On the wrong road past the point of turning back
Over time the truth decays
Make the most out of doing it the wrong way

Cut 'em deep, cover the tracks
Been gone so long there’s no coming back
Over time the truth decays
Make the most out of doing it the wrong way


 Won’t reveal your masterpiece
'Til all your work is done
Guarantee your legacy
Won’t vanish when you’re gone

This isn’t how you pictured it, beautiful though isn’t it?



                   SEVEN YEARS

            Caught in your masquerade
           Desire got the best of me
           Tried to deny the truth
           But deep down I believed

           Half my life has been wasted opportunities

             Takes more than I’ve got
            To give the devil whats due
            Didn’t see it right away
            Now I know the devil’s you

            All this time still trying to hide the truth

             I still want you but I don’t want to
            and there’s too many mistakes that I can’t undo
            I still want you but I don’t want to
            I’d be better off alone I know

             Searchin' for ways to ease the pain                                                                                                                                                                                         I bled the bottle dry                                                                                                                                                                                                                    Standing out in the pouring rain                                                                                                                                                                                     Couldn't wash away the tears I cried

            And all this time still trying to hide the truth



                               Black Heart

         Sometimes the truth, it gets in the way
         You tell yourself a lie believing she’s gonna change
         But something ain’t right, this feelin’ inside
         Gonna take a look around to see what I find

          I found out about a month ago
         Playin’ stupid cause I didn’t want her to know
         But I know the truth, it’s going around
         Behind my back the minute that I get across town

         But I got myself a plan and I hope you understand
         As long as wrong is being done
         You best believe it ain’t gonna be me for too much
         longer cause the tide’s bout to turn

         Black Hearted Woman look ya dead in the eye
         Tell ya that she love ya got a man on the side
         And if you can’t shake that feelin’
         thats buildin’ inside
         Ya got Black Hearted Woman

          Went to her house, quarta til 4,
          Poured a can of gasoline all over the floor
          I struck a match, and laughed to myself
          Black Hearted Woman guess I’ll see you in hell